EEET 324 - Computer Applications in Electrical Systems

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Course Description

In this course the main computer package for electrical engineering applications (MATLAB-SIMULINK) is introduced. The common engineering analysis and calculations such as complex numbers, matrices,solving ordinary and differential equation are treated using the package. Moreover, plotting results and graphics to illustrate results are explained.

In addition, modelling equations and running simulation for DC motor, Power electronics and Electrical systems applications using SIMULINK blocks are demonstrated.

Class Presentations

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Lecture Notes

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Lab Downloads

Lab 1 - Intrduction to MATLAB

Lab 2 - Complex Numbers

Lab 3 - Matrices and Arrays

Lab 4 - DC Circuit Analysis

Lab 5 - m Files and Scripts

Lab 6 - Polynomials and Curve Fitting

Lab 7 - Ploting in MATLAB

Lab 8 - SIMULINK Introduction

Lab 9 - Solving Equations - SIMULINK

Lab 10 - RLC Circuit Model - SIMULINK

Lab 11 - DC Motor Model

Lab 12 - SimPowersystem

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