EEET 100 - Electrical and Electronics Drafting

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Course Description

This course provides knowledge of Electrical and Electronics Drafting techniques and an understanding of electrical and electronics drawings and layout diagrams as a means of technical communication. This course includes basic theoretical information of drafting instruments, symbol templates, CAD equipment and in depth knowledge of various electrical and electronics drawings used currently by engineers in Industries.

The course covers the basic drafting skills to create basic layouts of electrical and electronic drawings, stressing modern representation used for block diagrams, schematic diagrams, wiring drawings, printed circuit board layouts, motor control diagrams, power distribution diagrams, electrical one-line diagrams, and PCB drawings.

The course gives an introduction to the electrical and electronic drafting using CAD software and provides hands-on experience on modern drafting software.

Class Presentations

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Lecture Series

Lecture 1 - Intrduction to Drafting

Lecture 2 - Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

Lecture 3 - Electrical Standards and Symbols

Lecture 4 - Standard Electronics Symbols

Lecture 5 - Types of Drawing

Lecture 6 - Grounding Plan

Lecture 7 - Schedules and Layout

Lecture 8 - One-line and Schematic Diagrams

Lecture 9 - Other Electrical Diagrams

Lecture 10 - Electronics Block Diagram

Lecture 11 - Electronics Schematic Diagram

Lecture 12 - Connection and PCB Diagram

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